January 2019 trades and pickups

January started out with a bang providing a number of games to add to the collection. It's very promising to see so many items show up, not just for my collection, this early in the year and let's hope that this trend continues throughout 2019.

  • Mortal Kombat Trilogy (DOS / Windows 95
  • Shivers
  • Fable
  • 11th Hour (Clock box version)
  • Lords 1
  • Lords 2
  • Lords 3 (previously in the collection but traded out)
  • Sid Meyer's collection
  • Spycraft
  • Warcraft III (again)
  • Under a Killing Moon
  • Pandora Directive
  • Kings Quest - Mask of Eternity
  • Heart of China
  • Kings Question collection
  • Gabriel Knight 3
  • Warcraft II (alternate box art)
  • Crusader - No regret (alternate box)
  • Quest for Glory III - The 5.25" diskette version
  • Deathkeep
  • AD&D Collectors Edition which includes a total of 9 classic AD&D games.
  • TSeng Labs ET4000W32/P

A fair number of loose CD only games are also included with the most notable being Heretic.

A nice trade this month was for the IBM 300GL. This unit has a 350Mhz PII CPU. Although I had one of these in the past which I let go a few years back, this machine will become my "go to" Pentium II machine. Keep an eye out for the post on the upgrade and minor repairs to this machine.

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