March 2019 pickups / trades

March turned out to be a vary interesting month. Initially it seemed that the month would pass without anything new joining the collection. By the last day of March the collection had grown by a few games and most interestingly a Digital DEC PDP-11/23.

The PDP-11/23 comes complete with printer, two terminals, a series of books, original disc packs for the RL-02 drives and two RL-02 drives all installed in a mobile chassis. Keep an eye out for this as a separate blog post when I get the time to start looking into powering up the machine. This PDP-11/23 would make an excellent display piece and will hopefully be converted to that over the coming months.

Games for this month include :

  • Space Simulator
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.0 (1.44MB version)
  • Age of Empires II

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